Sunday, July 19, 2009

Citizenship Metrics

Citizenship Metrics
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." --- Edmund Burke

How many times in the last year did you:

understand a political issue (1 point for each issue )
have a position on a political issue
know the three main reasons that support your position (2 points)
know the three main reasons of those that oppose your position (3 points)
write out the pros and cons for your positions
vote your positions (2 points)
write/email to your elected officials (4 points ... you get the idea)
write/email to your friends/acquaintances regarding your positions
sign petitions
assist in getting petitions signed
serve in a political position
write an opinion for a newspaper/publication/website
publicly support another person's position
use your best skill to influence government (20 points?)
contribute money in support of your position
informally speak up with friends/peers who agree with you
informally speak up with friends/peers who don’t agree with you
informally speak up in public
formally speak before a group
get another person to affirm and switch to your positions (20 points per person)
demonstrate in protest or affirmation of a position
perform a whistle blowing function
get reimbursed or paid for expressing/publishing your opinion
conduct civil disobedience in affirmation of your position
get arrested for civil disobedience
perform a subversive act in support of your position
get prosecuted for of any of the above (100 points)
get convicted or penalized for any of the above
get publicity for any of the above (200 points)
get threatened, wounded or assassinated for your position
get legal exoneration for any of the penalties above
get a prize for your citizenship as defined here (10,000 points per Nobel Prize)
get acknowledged in history as an influence in the adoption of your position
  (examples: Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, Lincoln, Roosevelt, King, Mandella, Gorbachev)

"Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile." Bertrand Russell


tg said...

would you like to be more of a "citizen"?

Believer at Heart said...

Sir have you tried any of these. They are pretty awesome tips. Can you tell me what was the result of your activities.

Jon Kitchen said...

I was following an answer I wrote on Quora.It lead me to your answer.I am delighted.

tg said...

@believer at heart
What are "any of of these"

tg said...

@beliver at heart. Sorry for the earlier reply, I misread your request.
Yes, I tried several, and am "using my best skill", which I tend to think is simplifying complicated matters and presenting solutions to problems. So far very little progress, but keep hammering and trying new things. Like asking some of our billionaire silicon valley types to step up and help change the system as outlined here in "A Government You Can Love" at the FAQs
on "How does it start". My posts on Quora show many others.
Here is one: